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1. play, role 2. At the beginning of

1.His mother wants him _______at home today. A.stays B.stayed C.to stay D.staying 2.____ Dasan is from Canada,_____ he can speak Chinese well. A.Although,but B.Although, / C.Although, so D./,so 3.Good ________ habits help me ge...

八年级英语上册:复习不定代词,掌握不定代词的用法。还学习一些频度副词,用来回答how often 引导的句子的回答。重点是形容词和副词的比较级和最高级的学习。时态我们主要学习一般将来时态. 八年级英语下册:谈论身体状况和参加公益活动。学习...


31C 32D 33E 34F 35G

尊敬的李小姐: 感谢你给“动物助手”组织提供资金,我相信你知道这个组织的成立就是为了帮助像我这样的人的,我很幸运得到你的帮助,幸运对我的生活产生了很大的影响,让我告诉你我的故事: 盲人或聋哑人会是什么样呢?或者想想你无法走路或无法...

My name is John,there are three people in my family,they are my father,mother and I,we always look some programs in the evening,such as:Animal World,Sports Show.I like to watch Animal World very much,because I like animals,and ...

1 He got up so late that he missed the first bus. 2 You should set off early so that you can arrive on time

can't afford to poor area ;donating money make better life because of(不确定) part of(不确定) ;was set up

26.__How was_your vacation?【B】 ——It was great. 28.It’s cold,so we decided to stay at home.【B】 29.The teacher told the students not to talk in class.【D】 I went to Shanghai on acation last...【D

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